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What Is Your Safety Line?


What is the first thing that happens after you get in your car and turn on the ignition? Yes, the car electronic system—or Dash Board—runs through a series of checks. We’ve grown to depend on this; no longer are we required to do daily or weekly checks on the oil level or cooling system. It’s automatically completed for us.

How Intelligent Systems Change Our Lives

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Success and Goals Go Hand in Hand

In business we set goals and the goals help us move forward. But what does this mean? There is no simple answer to this question . . . unless you have a process in place that allows you to start at a planning phase in order to get your business to the desired result.

In my past experience, I have used a process that not only helped my previous business achieve growth on a consistent basis, but also allowed us to achieve our place on the INC 500 list. In addition, we not only achieved most of our goals due to hard work, but we positioned our business for a sale to a multi-billion dollar International Company. Continue reading

Talk Less Listen More

In my previous business, we would start each morning with a daily meeting. This meeting normally lasted anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. For the former five years, I always started out leading the meeting. I would cover all the topics for the day and team members would give their input. However, I was the “big dog.” I guess I had an ego; I found it necessary to be the driver of the organization. Continue reading