The Game Changer: “I Can”

What happens when you embrace Positive Energy and what is the result of that energy?

Let me start by saying that I did not always focus on looking at the positive. Like so many people I asked myself, “why did this happen to me”, or “why can’t I get this right?” Then, one day I realized that when you say, “yes I can” vs “that will not happen”, things will start changing.

I spent a lot of my life allowing people to compare me to others. I let that bother me to the extent that I started believing I was not going to be an achiever in life.

There have been a number of great mentors in my life who were believers in me and my abilities; they were the ones who encouraged me along the way. My mentors challenged me and guided me. They did not do the work for me, but provided signs of approval for the things I was doing. I am forever grateful to each of these people. Because of them, I learned to embrace Positive Energy in my life.

What is Positive Energy to me?

Looking at any situation and finding the good in it, regardless of the situation.

The ability to motivate the people around you.

The ability to enter a room and strike up a conversation with people you have never met before.

The ability to pick yourself up after you stumble and move forward.

The ability to enjoy yourself and laugh when you’re getting beat in a game of golf.

When others say, “I can’t,” you find a say to say, “I can.”

When you tell someone they are doing a great job, and you actually mean what you’re saying.

Taking the time to listen to someone and letting them finish their thought before you respond.

This list can go on and on.

When I set goals in my life, I know deep inside that I will achieve the goals. Otherwise, why would I have set them in the first place? You could say that this is a very bold statement; and yes, you are correct. I want you to think about the reason you have set a goal. Was it to achieve it, or just to have a goal?

Now, I want you to do what most people fail to do—ask yourself, “Why should I set a goal if I can’t achieve it?” When you doubt your ability to reach your goal, you will not achieve it. In simple terms, you will create a negative energy shield around yourself.

I am a firm believer that when you start your day off with affirmative thoughts your day will fall into place. I am sure you’ve heard all this before, but have you given it a try? I am also a believer that when you display positive emotions, the people around you will notice the change. If you keep going, others will start to emulate your actions—positive energy is contagious. What could be better than to have positive people surrounding you?

I challenge you to start the practice of being positive and watch what will start happening in your life. What have you got to lose? Or would you rather be a negative influence that rubs off, causing everyone to feel the drag? Negative energy is contagious too.   

If you want to achieve your goals, accent on the positive and refrain from the negative.
Please take a moment to share in the comments below what you are doing to be a Positive Influence on not only yourself, but around others as well.