How One Change makes a Huge Difference

Today I want to share a very common goal so many people struggle with: How to get healthy and stay that way, both personally and professionally.

I, like so many people, struggle with my weight—the ups and downs of it all. I like to put the blame on my back condition that I had for many years, but after a successful Interior Fusion in 2002 I can no longer rely on that excuse, even though I still like to use the excuse.

I made the decision about three months ago to change my diet from what most would consider a normal meat and “whatever we like” diet to a basic plant based diet. Wow, I never knew what I could do with plant foods! Some, when properly seasoned, taste like the foods I use to eat. Only now, they are all good for my body. I am not going to write about menus or recipes but just talk about the hard changes we make in life.

Making a change is the most difficult thing we do in everyday life and in business, because we like to say that this is the way we have always done it before. In the past I could not have agreed more with that statement, until I made the change in my diet and continued with it until it became a habit. Now I look back and ask myself, why did I ever wait so long to make that change?

I am now advancing my health outlook by removing additional things from my diet that I have found to be “wants” versus “needs”. Dairy products and oils (yes, even extra virgin and virgin olive oil that I thought was so good for you). I even found a substitute for cheese, something I dearly loved.

Last week, I mentioned the benefit of walking for exercise and what I found in the process. Now I would like to mention what we did in our business to help promote a healthy option for all of our employees.

We went to a local fitness facility and negotiated a company pass plan. We purchased a small number of passes that were not issued to any particular individual, but for all our employees to use. This was a smart choice because we were promoting a healthy lifestyle, allowing our employees to work a flex schedule in order to get in their time at the gym. They could leave during the day and adjust their work hours to fit. Some used this opportunity before they started the work day, some used it during the time they would normally break for lunch, and others used it after the business day. We found that 6 passes covered a small company of 25. It was a win-win for everyone, to include our health insurance provider. We noticed, almost immediately, a change in attitude. This was good not only for the company culture but also for the personal lives of our employees.

Offering an added benefit that makes people’s lives better is a good thing and the rewards benefit everyone. Better health, more energy during the day, people making the right choices in using their time, and in most cases there is healthy competition in the workplace.  

What are you doing for your personal health and what are you doing to promote a healthier workplace for your professional team? Please leave a comment and share below.