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The Game Changer: “I Can”

What happens when you embrace Positive Energy and what is the result of that energy?

Let me start by saying that I did not always focus on looking at the positive. Like so many people I asked myself, “why did this happen to me”, or “why can’t I get this right?” Then, one day I realized that when you say, “yes I can” vs “that will not happen”, things will start changing. Continue reading

Not Again – How hard is it?

Today, I just need to vent. If you are someone who believes in bad Customer Service STOP reading now! Go do something more exciting. But if you’re like me and most people, you  believe that Customer Service is important—follow along and share your experience in the comments. Continue reading

How One Change makes a Huge Difference

Today I want to share a very common goal so many people struggle with: How to get healthy and stay that way, both personally and professionally.

I, like so many people, struggle with my weight—the ups and downs of it all. I like to put the blame on my back condition that I had for many years, but after a successful Interior Fusion in 2002 I can no longer rely on that excuse, even though I still like to use the excuse.

I made the decision about three months ago to change my diet from what most would consider a normal meat and “whatever we like” diet to a basic plant based diet. Wow, I never knew what I could do with plant foods! Some, when properly seasoned, taste like the foods I use to eat. Only now, they are all good for my body. I am not going to write about menus or recipes but just talk about the hard changes we make in life. Continue reading

What I found at Apple

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to have a better outlook on life. So what did I do different? Eat better and get more exercise to start with. This post is not about why you need to exercise or eat better; it is about habits that will make your business better.

Let me begin with this week’s insight. Continue reading

What Is Your Safety Line?


What is the first thing that happens after you get in your car and turn on the ignition? Yes, the car electronic system—or Dash Board—runs through a series of checks. We’ve grown to depend on this; no longer are we required to do daily or weekly checks on the oil level or cooling system. It’s automatically completed for us.

How Intelligent Systems Change Our Lives

Continue reading

Success and Goals Go Hand in Hand

In business we set goals and the goals help us move forward. But what does this mean? There is no simple answer to this question . . . unless you have a process in place that allows you to start at a planning phase in order to get your business to the desired result.

In my past experience, I have used a process that not only helped my previous business achieve growth on a consistent basis, but also allowed us to achieve our place on the INC 500 list. In addition, we not only achieved most of our goals due to hard work, but we positioned our business for a sale to a multi-billion dollar International Company. Continue reading

Talk Less Listen More

In my previous business, we would start each morning with a daily meeting. This meeting normally lasted anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. For the former five years, I always started out leading the meeting. I would cover all the topics for the day and team members would give their input. However, I was the “big dog.” I guess I had an ego; I found it necessary to be the driver of the organization. Continue reading

Beware—What Happens When You Start a New Chapter in Your Life

I am excited today that I am embarking on a new chapter in my life book. Each of us has a book inside of us; we have things that happen along the way and it’s always a common saying, “another chapter in my life”. Now, as I once again turn the page and start a new chapter in my life, I will also share some of my experiences along the way. Continue reading